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March 18

March 18, 2011


Be on the Lookout for New Products


We've had a busy week with Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) filings — two announcements and one completed review for new products and services.


Parcel Select Regional Ground Service — This final rule Federal Register incorporates a new price category called Regional Ground service, which we filed in February with the PRC. Parcel Select® Regional Ground service is designed for commercial customers who ship lightweight parcels primarily destined to USPS® zones local, 1, 2, and 3. The entire final rule can be viewed on the Postal Explorer® website by clicking “Federal Register Notices” in the left frame. The effective date is April 17, 2011.


Parcel Select Forwarding and Return to Sender — On March 16, we notified the PRC of our intention to charge an additional $3.00 service fee, in addition to the Parcel Select barcoded nonpresort price for any Parcel Select items that are returned or forwarded. Pieces will no longer be handed off to facilitate local delivery within the same office, but will be sent to a Centralized Forwarding System for automated handling.


Introducing — Priority Mail Forever Prepaid Flat Rate Packaging — On March 16, we notified the PRC of our intention to introduce a new price category within Priority Mail® to allow Forever® Prepaid Flat Rate packaging.


Forever Prepaid packaging can be purchased by credit card online only in multi-packs and will be sent to customers with prepaid mailing labels affixed for the following Priority Mail items:

  • Flat Rate Envelopes – Regular, Legal, and Padded
  • Flat Rate Boxes – Small, Medium (2 styles), and Large.


We plan to begin offering Priority Mail Forever Prepaid Flat Rate packaging on April 17, 2011.


We will use DMM Advisory to keep you updated on the progress of our filings.