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January 10

January 10, 2011


January DMM Update


Postal Explorer® ( is your source for up-to-date mailing standards. The Domestic Mail Manual is fully searchable on Postal Explorer and features fly-out menus, cross-reference links, and an extensive subject index. Our mailing standards were updated to capture the following changes:


Domestic Shipping Services—Pricing and Mailing Standards Changes
We revised standards throughout the DMM to support the pricing change approved by the Postal Regulatory Commission (Docket CP2011-26). Our new prices reflect changes in operations and the marketplace and will enhance efficiency, offer more choices, and ensure that all types of mail cover their costs. We will implement new prices on January 2, 2011, for Express Mail, Priority Mail, Parcel Select and Recipient Services.


2011 Changes for Domestic Mailing Services
We revised standards throughout the DMM to incorporate standards for the introduction of Address Information System services, for the discontinuation of rigid flats claiming flats prices, a change in the expression of decimal pounds for Package Services parcels, and other clarifications.


Extension of the Simplified Address Format
We revised
345.6.9.4, 445.7.6.2, 507.1.2.3, and 602.3.2 to remove a restriction on the use of simplified addressing for saturation flat-size mailpieces and irregular parcels that are delivered by USPS city carriers or to PO boxholders at Post Office locations with city delivery service, and to add reference to new standards related to updated delivery sequence data for use on mailpieces bearing a simplified address.


Optional Mail Preparation Standards for Flat-Size Mailpieces in FSS Zones
We revised
343.6.0, 343.7.0, 345.2.0, 363, 705.12.0, 707.13.0, 707.14.0 and 707.19.0 to provide optional standards for bundle and pallet preparation of flat-size Standard Mail, Periodicals and Bound Printed Matter mailpieces prepared for delivery within the ZIP Codes served by Flats Sequencing System (FSS) processing.


New Incentive Programs for 2011
We revised
233, 243, and 343 to implement two new incentive programs.


Open and Distribute—Express Mail and Priority Mail Changes and Updates
We revised
705.16.0 to require mailers to place a single-ply address label with a service barcode on all Express Mail Open and Distribute containers; to establish a guaranteed "end-of-day" service commitment for Express Mail Open and Distribute; and to establish a five-pound minimum weight requirement for Express Mail and Priority Mail Open and Distribute sacks.


Products Mailable at Nonprofit Standard Mail Prices
We revised
703.1.6.11 to update the maximum price of low-cost product items permitted to be mailed with nonprofit pieces.


Clarification of the Post Office Box Lock Replacement Fee
We revised
508.4.8.4 to clarify the applicability of the lock replacement fee for P.O. Boxes to reflect current practice.


Labeling List Changes—New L006
We revised the labeling list by creating new labeling list
L006 to reflect new, optional FSS changes in mail processing operations.


Our next scheduled DMM update is February 7.