Contents Index

C Module, Characteristics and Content


C000 General Information

C010 General Mailability Standards

C020 Restricted or Nonmailable Articles and Substances

C021 Articles and Substances Generally

C022 Perishables

C023 Hazardous Materials

C024 Other Restricted or Nonmailable Matter

C030 Nonmailable Written, Printed, and Graphic Matter

C031 Written, Printed, and Graphic Matter Generally

C032 Sexually Oriented Advertisements

C033 Pandering Advertisements

C050 Mail Processing Categories

C100 First-Class Mail

C200 Periodicals

C500 Express Mail

C600 Standard Mail

C700 Package Services

C800 Automation-Compatible Mail

C810 Letters and Cards

C820 Flats

C840 Barcoding Standards for Letters and Flats

C850 Barcoding Standards for Parcels

DMM Issue 58 (8-10-03)